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Get a guaranteed 3p off the pump price for diesel, with no admin fees or other charges
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As our member, if you drive a diesel vehicle this FREE discount card is ideal for you.

An easy way to save money on diesel
Save money on fuel
Guaranteed 3p per litre off the pump price for diesel
No card charges, no admin costs, no transaction fees
All your family members can use the card
Helpful app and online account management
The more miles you drive, the more you'll save
How does it work?
How does it work?
It's not a pre-paid card that you have to load up to use: simply pay for your fuel with the card and then a Direct Debit pays it off on a weekly basis
0% interest: you pay nothing for this weekly credit
Discounts on diesel, not petrol
Discounts at most garages, not supermarkets
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