Free TMA membership for your friends and family
Gifting Total Motor Assist: some things other members have written to their friends
Have this John I have had it for several years it is a good standby just in case anything happens
These are the nice people who were so helpful when I had my accident last October.
I thought u might like this, it's free. Both me and Paul have it, it"s through Pauls union. It might help one day...Mum xxx
Hi Em, I have this cover as part of the guild of motoring writers, hopefully never needed but will save time and money if it is.
Claire this is worth having
Great product
This is extra car cover--it is free!! Dad.
I am forwarding this to you as it complements your Car Insurance and any Breakdown Cover you may have in place. It is FREE for at least 12 months, so you have nothing to lose by taking it up. Grahame.
You might like this as a little extra piece of mind?
Worth a go as its free!
TotalMotorAssist - sign up for it, it's free. Dad
Thought this maybe helpful
This multi-car assist cover is entirely free (no cost) for you, so please take full advantage.
this is the service i mentioned to you
This a free, in an event your involved in accident call these people they will sort everything out for you. It is not a con.
Quick, clear and concise. A real time saver.
Not spam old bean worth a look, I get it free from work for family and friends.
Hi This is free if you are in doubt please call me Im a member also though my company i work for
Hi Paul this looks odd but I think the Chartered Institute of Linguists (my professional organisation) are pretty careful about who they recommend - And this one won't cost you anything. So you may as well have a look at least. I haven't read anything bad about the company.
Hi Libby, Information as promised. Free from me to you xx
Dear Christopher, check this out. Love dad xx