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Get the support you need when you're riding

We have 52,794 members and their families, driving 69,512 vehicles and riding 43,995 cycles

In 2023 we saved our members £385,240 in recovery fees, storage charges, and insurance excess

In 2023 we successfully helped 4,269 members with their motoring, cycling and property claims

What do you get?
How does it work?
How does TCA work?

How does Total Cycle Assist work?


TCA is designed to help you in the event of injury* resulting from an accident on the road anywhere in the UK that is the fault of an identified and insured third party.

We will manage your claim from start to finish, tailored to your specific circumstances. You'll receive a cycling-specialised and highly professional management service and be in safe, experienced hands.
*Where your injury is likely to exceed £1,000 in damages.


TCA ensures simplicity for you and provides all the services you need, coordinated in one place.

There are always a lot of factors in any individual claim: your injury, the damage to your bike, and other consequential losses you've suffered. We will manage it all from start to finish and keep you fully informed every step of the way.


If your bike is not written off, we will manage the repairs.

You will not be out of pocket for this because it will be done as part-and-parcel of your claim.


If your bike is damaged beyond repair (i.e. written off), we will seek to provide you with a new bike of the same value as your own.

Whatever the current value of your own bike at the time of the accident, we will provide you with a voucher for that full amount that you can then use to buy a new bike. Again, this is part-and-parcel of your claim so you won't be out of pocket.


We will also provide physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment at a private clinic local to you.

The NHS is one of the finest services in the world, no doubt - but there are waiting lists when it comes to physio. We can arrange local treatment much quicker for you because there are no waiting lists for private care. Once again, this is privided as part of your claim, so there's no charge to you.


The lawyers who will handle the legal side of your personal injury claim are one of the best law firms in the country with a strong cycling-dedicated team.

We don't farm claims out to the highest bidder; we partner with just one law firm: Shakespeare Martineau. They will talk to you, advise you and keep you informed every step of the way - and if your claim needs to be fought, they can fight.


Our lawyers will conduct your personal injury claim on a no win no fee basis.

Unlike other professions and trades where you have to pay for the service provided to you, our lawyers only get paid if they win your claim for you. So you're never out of pocket.


It only takes one phone call to access everything.

Call our Member's Helpline straight away for help or, if you prefer, report your accident to us using our online form.


You and all the members of your immediate family can use the service.

'Immediate family' means anyone residing in the same household as you, including children of any age.


You can use the service for a bike of any age, type or value.

This includes all the bikes in your household.


You can make unlimited claims during the period of your membership.

Some of our members are very keen cyclists and ride every day and have had more than one accident that we've helped them with. That's what we're here for.

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