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Giving you the benefits you don't get from insurance

We have 52,794 members and their families, driving 69,512 vehicles and riding 43,995 cycles

In 2023 we saved our members £385,240 in recovery fees, storage charges, and insurance excess

In 2023 we successfully helped 4,269 members with their motoring, cycling and property claims

What do you get?
Why do you need it?
How does it work?
Why do you need TMA?

Why do you need Total Motor Assist?

Why should you have to make a claim on your own insurance when an accident isn't your fault? With us you don't have to.

Imagine a typical scenario...

Car accident

Someone's crashed into you. You're miles from home, your car's too damaged to drive, and you've broken your wrist from the impact.

What do you do now?

Ring your insurer? Okay - but one of the gaps in car insurance is that it doesn't include accident recovery, so how do you sort your car out? The police or find a local recovery agent? That's going to cost you £250 or more - and then another £50 or so every day your car has to be stored until it's taken away for repair.

Remember that £200 excess on your car insurance that helped keep your premium down a bit? You're now going to have to pay that to your insurer to get your repairs done.

You can be £500+ out of pocket so fast it's shocking - even though the accident wasn't your fault.

Then there's your broken wrist: it's painful and will make work difficult until you get the physiotherapy you need - but there's a 4-month NHS waiting list.

As our member you'll get treated much faster, get recovered quickly and easily, save yourself all that money, and have a specialist take away all the hassle for you. All achieved without a claim on your insurance.

We give you a better option

A better option

We give you and your family a much better option than ringing your insurer after an accident, putting you in a stronger position.

• We plug the gaps in your insurance
• We'll help you immediately
• We'll give you complete accident aftercare
• We'll save you a lot of money
• You'll get better service, more benefits, and less hassle

Join us now

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