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Real life examples - Valerie's story
Real life example of Total Motor Assist in action: Valerie's story

What happened?

  • Val is in her late 50’s and lives in London
  • She drives a 2010 Land Rover Discovery TDV6
  • She has a £200 voluntary excess on her car insurance
  • She has 5 years unprotected no claims bonus
  • Her car insurance premium with the no claims is £349 a year
  • She has no accident recovery with her insurance or breakdown
  • She had an accident while on a weekend break in Scotland

How did we save Valerie £580?

  • We recovered Val's car from the roadside in Scotland free of charge – this would have cost her £250 without us.
  • Val didn’t have to pay any of her insurance excess to get her repairs completed with us – so we saved her £200 there.
  • Because she didn't have to claim on her car insurance with us, Val didn't lose her no claims bonus - saving her £130 on her insurance renewal 4 months later.
  • And we kept Val mobile in the best way (see below).
  • Join now the like-for-like replacement car we delivered to Val's home for her to drive free of charge

Valerie's own car:
a 2010 Land Rover Discovery TDV6

The car we delivered to Val:
a new Land Rover Discovery TDV6

What does Valerie say about us?

"Absolutely superb service! Amazing. I was really worried immediately after the accident, because I was so far from home and there was no way I was going to be able to drive the car or get home easily. But I had my TMA Glove Box thingy, so I rang the helpline and the help I got was wonderful. It's not just the money I saved, which is great, it's the way I was cared for."


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